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Rad Shad Giant from Ohio! 


I am so thankful to all of my supporters, customers, and all my fans for getting me this far! I am proud to announce that Big Boy Baits have officially been shipped to over 45 countries, and all 50 U.S. States!!! I am currently working on implementing Big Boy Baits into tackle shops all over the country, we are getting bigger every day!


Again I cannot thank everyone enough,

you have turned my ideas and dreams into reality...


How to order:

First, check out the Products page, then the Color Chart. Select your color from the drop-down box, and keep in mind I can make any color in any bait.


Then, select the Check out with PayPal option. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE! You can pay with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal accounts.


After you order, a confirmation email should be emailed to your email address you supplied while ordering.


Then you have custom baits, 100% handmade right here in America, on their way to your door!!!    


Giant Bull Redfish on the Georgia Jumbo.... Fishing with Capt. Jamie Davis

Flats Fishing for Overslot Redfish- Georgia Jumbo in action!

Big Boy Baits has moved!

It's official! Big Boy Baits has moved! Big Boy Baits has relocated to an island off the coast of Georgia, Saint Simons Island. This place is a fishery paradise, with hundreds of acres of salt marshes, Inlets, Surf fishing, and marsh flats galore. I will absolutely begin to expand my saltwater market, but I will not be downsizing the bass baits either, it will merely be an addition, not an exchange. I already have plans for a skiff, and hope to learn the skills of the seasoned Tarpon, Redfish, and Trout guides over the summer. I will also most likely be opening a small external

 shop, and will try my best to have a small retail location built into that shop.

 Overall this is a very much needed change, I loved it in Roswell but times have changed and it is not like it used to be. I plan to become a regular sponsor of saltwater and freshwater tournaments, as the Okefenokee Swamp is close by and is a thriving bass fishery comparable to a version of the Florida Everglades. Also, living only 20 minutes from Florida will give me more exposure to the exploding Florida niche in the industry, and South Florida Peacocks and Okeechobee will certainly be visited sometime. I thank all of you for staying around,

 supporting this company and joining me on this wild ride.

I welcome the future with an open mind, I hope you do as well.
Kyle Meyer


Incredible Day fishing the Money Sticks! 

3 GOLIATH fish, all caught within an hour of each other, all from a 50ft stretch of shoreline... This was nuts! Only bait used with the Watermelon Money Stick, wacky rigged with a 1/0 hook... Check out the video for the sickest big bass footage, plus several other fish...

Spring Release 2013

Another batch of renovated/updated baits, the Swamp Serpent, Venom Viper, Jerk Minnow, and Cobra Worm are all innovative and awesome baits that have been aded to the Big Boy Baits lineup... There is way to much to say in this little text box, watch the video below and check out the product pictures and descriptions on their respective pages!

Cobra Worm-

Swamp Serpent-

Venom Viper-

Jerk Minnow-

The first Renovated Baits- Summer Craw and Slim Dog!

From the start of my business, I have handmade plaster molds for my lure production. There comes a time where the limiting factors of a method make said method impossible to use. This is now that time. Over the next months, I am going to be "Renovating" my molds from rough plaster molds into computer-designed, precise aluminum molds. The Summer Craw and Slim Dog are the first in line. I have found a perfect match for my outlook on these baits, and also added features that were not present before. There are now two versions of the Slim Dog, a "slim" edition and a "weedless" model. Read about them more on their respective product pages, accessible below...


Demere Craw



The newest and most in-depth way to design your favorite baits! My newest service "Color Clone", allows YOU, the angler, to pick EXACTLY what color you want your baits in! Here's how it works: First, yo...u visit the Color Clone Service product page. Then, select your bait from the drop-down box (injection baits only). Then, in the box below all of that, you simply copy and paste the WEBSITE LINK of the color you want! The link can be from anything, Tackle Warehouse, Google Images, bait company Color Charts, or anything else that has a full image of the color you want. I will pull that picture up while crafting your order, and carefully match the color you posted to the color in my formula! No extra charge, no hassle of back-and-forth emails, none of that, just an easy, straight-shot order page where you choose the color.
Check it out and order a pack or two today at


In the RARE occasion that I cannot match your color, I will email you and you can either choose a refund of the order/baits, or you can choose another color. Keep in mind that I can match 99% of colors, so this probably won't even occur.

The color can be at most a 3 color laminate, which means there are only 3 seperate colors in the bait. I can pour different color tails, heads, claws, feet, bellies, backs and throats. You name it, I can probably do it.

The reason that I am only doing the "Color Clone" with my Injection baits is mainly because I am striving to move away from hand pouring baits. With the giant increase of demand for my lures, it becomes time-consuming to hand pour one at a time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns at any time during your experience, please email me directly at

Thank You!!

Here it is- The offical product for the ever-popular "Rad Bass" pattern. If you fish for largemouth bass, you need to fish this bait. Sounds like a blanket statement right? IT IS. Every water that holds Largemouth in America has those same creatures swimming around, in bite size form. Baby Bass fry are a staple food source for all sizes of bass, from 1 pound to 10. Deadly in all times of the year, but especially in the Spring and Summer months, when the fry roam freely around the water column. Each bait is poured with a 3 color mix, Baby Bass/Watermelon on the top, Green Smoke in the middle, and Green Pearl on the bottom. The bait wobbles and flashes, swims and thumps. To top it off, I dip each bait by hand with clear plastic to seal the Blood-Red 6MM eyes in. Again, the uses are almost endless. Reports that come in have shown that these baits catch fish on Jigheads, Weightes hooks, Topwater, and they KILL on a swimjig. Try them out, and find the cold-blooded Cannibals in your waters today...... 4.5inches, 6 pack.


Two old-school baits for a new-school company...

As promised, I am proud to introduce the newest members to the Big Boy Baits lineup, the Original Darter, and the updated Paddle Stick. The O.D. was an old idea from the beginnings of Big Boy Baits, that me and Collier worked on for our freshwater and saltwater fluke fishing. Little did I know, I found a sketch of the bait from years ago, and revived it with a new, perfect clay master and made my own injection mold. The Paddle Stick also has its place in the Big Boy Baits roots, as the 3rd bait to every come out of my lab. I have also revived it into a fully round, perfect injection bait.

The Scuttlebug has Landed!!

The perfect craw! Carolina, Punchin, Flippin, Shakin, Pitchin, Swimmin, Jiggin? He can do it all!!

The Scuttlebug is a 4 inch, wild craw with my signature "boat hull" belly, which keeps it riding upright in the water.



Hookslot, Wild action, Perfect size, Durability, I mean this craw has it all! With all of my custom colors and laminates, you can perfectly match any craw in the world!!! Get some in the all original color, "SCUTTLEBUG" Today!

5 to a pack....


 The Gill

Yes, this is the same bait as the Rad Shad. What is exclusive about this bait is the color patterns it comes in. All baits come with a Charteuse tail, for added flash and realism, a flourescent orange throat patch, Watermelon back, and a perfect shade of purple to top it all off. 3-D Eyes, fully dipped head for incredible head wobble on the retrieve.

Almost all U.S. Waters have Sunfish, such as Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Warmouth and more. This bait, in this color pattern. Will effectively imitate ALL of these fish. They are the most common food source for most Species of bass, including Largemouth, Spotted and Smallmouth.

The fact of the matter is- this bait gets bit. Hard. Every bass that swims hates bluegill, they eat the eggs, the fry, and destroy the nests. But this bait doesn't only do work in the spring, it cranks up the action ALL YEAR ROUND. Weighted hook, Pitchin, Fishhead Spin, Topwater and more, it is honestly hard to rig this bait the wrong way.

Every bait is handmade, one at a time with 4 different cups going into a multi-pour. This bait takes time and craftmanship to make, this is the reason for the higher price. This is no junk bait, it is handpoured with the best formula and the best products available. Scented with Anise and Grape, packaged professionally in a Laminated bag. This bait is the cream of the crop, the best bait out of lab so far. Pick up a pack today, start catching toads.                       


6 pack- $8.00


Fish on the Big Boy Baits Needle in Cucumber...

2 New Baits!!

Also 2 exclusive new colors!

The Brand New Needle is THE MOST VERSATILE BAIT I HAVE EVER POURED!! Fish it Wacky, Drop Shot, Shaky, Like a fluke, Carolina rig and more! Saltwater and Fresh, this thing is anything you want it to be, from baitfish, eel, or worm. At $4.00 for a pack of 8, it's also the best deal on the Store! Pick up a pack today in the two EXCLUSIVE COLORS, Blue Prism and Dollar Bill.

12 New colors from Big Boy Baits

The Rad Shad has arrived!

The Rad Shad is a swimbait with a twist. Instead of the usual thumping boot-tail, it has a special "triple-grub" curl tail. Each strand of the tail has it's own individual action, along with the head wobble of the bait. Rigs perfectly on a weighted hook, jighead, swimjig, spinnerbait, K-Rig, Weightless for topwater and more.

The uses are endless, and I'm sure you will find your own way to fish it. Imitates anything from Shad, Baby Bass, Bluegill, Shiners, Mullet, Pogies, Pilchards, Blueback Herring and much more. If it swims, this bait looks like it! 4.5 inches, 6 pack for $4.00.

Summer Swamp Donkey on the Kermit!

The perfect frog! 4 inches, heavy enough to chunk, bulked up in the head for screwlocks or EWG, dead on hookslots perfect for all sizes of hooks, and those churning feet to top it all off. If you are a newcomer to frogs, or have been burning these amphibians for years, you will love this bait!
Check out this awesome video from Jonathan Boston! Money Sticks in shallow water got him some sweet fish!

Bone Paddle Stick- DOING WORK!  8LBS